Crewitts Creek Kitchen & Bar   2037 Centennial Blvd  Independence,KY41051   (859) 359-5121
Crewitts Creek Kitchen & Bar
2037 Centennial Blvd
IndependenceKY 41051
 (859) 359-5121

Reviews Of Crewitts Creek Kitchen & Bar

4.64 579 Reviews
chris niehaus
Aug 15, 2018

Great food with great service. Not your same ol' food choices. Menu can be seasonal. Over the winter months, they served pot roast and chicken & dumplings. Both were absolutely great.

Jeremy McCall
Aug 14, 2018

Large menu

Brandon Markesbery
Aug 13, 2018

Jennifer Markesbery
Aug 13, 2018


Mannylyn Kirkland
Aug 12, 2018

Cannot go wrong with any of their mac n cheese selection.

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